Using Pictures from the Site

Over the years this site has been active, the pictures from the site have been used and shared quite often. As the vast majority of the older pictures are not my own and have been sourced from elsewhere, I don’t really mind, so long as people are enjoying talking about them.

I would however appreciate people giving some kind of credit/link to the website.


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Welcome to a website dedicated to the pubs of Cheadle Staffordshire.

Some of the pubs are still open, many however are closed and lost forever. This site is an ongoing project and welcomes any information and/or suggestions from readers, if you have anything to say don’t hesitate get in touch.

To the right is a list of all the public houses that (to my knowledge) either were, or are in Cheadle. Each pub has it’s own page where there is a small amount of information about the pub (years in business etc), hopefully this shall be updated on a regular basis.

Please note I am just an amateur historian and this is purely an outlet for my research. If any copyright, or any other legal issue, is touched upon at any point on this site please contact me and I will rectify the problem as soon as possible.

Mike Plant (Webmaster)

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