The Lamplighter

(Originally the Station Hotel)

The Station Hotel was built in 1902 by local builder William Ball on the site of the Moorland Battalion Inn (thanks to Alan Winning for this information) following the opening of Cheadle’s Railway the previous year.

The hotel site was possibly chosen as it was relevant to the original Cheadle Railway scheme selected, which had stated the Railway Station would be on Charles Street; the station would eventually be built quite a distance down the road.

In May 1961 the Cheadle and District Skittles League staged the semi-finals and finals for the Premier Individual Cup Tournament; the guest of honour was ex-Stoke City footballer Neil Franklin.

In the July of 1968 a piano in the Smoking Room was damaged along with a chair; in a fracas between three young men. A policeman was quickly on the scene as he had seen a raised chair through one of the windows while on patrol.

In 1980 a winner in Cheadle Town Council’s lottery scheme was a part-time barmaid at the Station Hotel; she received her cheque in May at the pub.

In the 1980s the name changed to the Lamplighter, which is also when Cheadle’s railway closed to freight traffic (it had stopped carrying passengers in 1963) and was shut down.

In recent years the pub has changed licensees a lot and has been closed for long periods of times in-between. The pub reopened again early 2011 and closed through much of March for refurbishment, having stayed open while work was not taking place in the bar area. Mid-April when work was nearing completion it was revealed that the brewery had not secured planning permission for a revised version of their plans. Local residents then filed a number of objections to the pub reopening and local councillors supported them.

The Evening Sentinel reported the pub was banned from re-opening by the Staffordshire Moorlands Council until the matter was fully resolved. Rather than keep the pub shut the brewery at a high cost “undid” the changes made to the pub (access to the rear smoking area most notably),  the doors then opened at the end of April.

Shortly afterwards the planning permission was approved and the changes could be completed.

Past Proprietors:

William J. Tipper (c.1910 Information, 1911 Census, Kelly’s Directory of Staffordshire 1912)
George Edwards (Cheadle and Tean Times 1914, Kelly’s Directory of Staffordshire 1921)
Robert Mallows (Kelly’s Directory of Staffordshire 1924)
Albert John Whitehouse (Kelly’s Directory of Staffordshire 1936)
Dy Davis (Kelly’s Directory of Staffordshire 1940) [until at least 1947]
Mr. H. Young (Cheadle Post and Times 1959) [until August]
Mr. J. Smith (Cheadle Post and Times 1959) [from August]
Mrs N. Smith (Cheadle Post and Times 1961)
Florence and Aubrey Wright [?] (Cheadle Post and Times 1979) [until 1967?]
Henry Richardson (Cheadle Post and Times 1969) [until 1969]
H. Cartlidge [from 1969] (Cheadle Post and Times 1969)
Sidney Knight (Cheadle Post and Times 1974 and 1980)



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  1. Rebecca says:

    The lamplighter is now under new management and the new proprietors are Shaun Millington and Becky Stevenson. Come on in for a warm friendly welcome and a cold beverage.

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