The Alton Castle

The town’s original water pump used to put out fires was stored in this Inn’s out-buildings until the formation of Cheadle’s Voluntary Fire Service in 1878.

In June 1876 Robert Plant held a celebration here for his workmen upon discovering a seam of the Woodhead coal at his Birches Colliery.

The proprietors of this pub during the 1800s would often also be butchers and sell their meat through the shop on Queen Street which is now a takeaway outlet.

The pub was another customer of the John Bell and Co. brewery during the late 19th century.

There is a reference in 1888 of this inn was a venue for the game “pipe and dart”; which was like the modern version of darts except a blowpipe was used.

In 1894 following the completion of the houses on Queen Street, John Fielding’s workers played a football match on the land behind them. The teams were the ‘Shaving Pushers’ and the ‘Mortar Boards’, the final score was 5:2 to the ‘Shaving Pushers’. Following the match they were treated to a meal at the pub by Mr Fielding.

By 1935 the pub was owned by ‘Bass, Ratcliff & Gretton Ltd’.

For decades the pub was a popular venue in the town, with several very good managers. However, like many pubs in the town; in the late 90s/2000s it started to be mismanaged by its owners, resulting in multiple short term managers.

In 2011 after a period of closure, there was some refurbishment and the pub re-opened in August. However it wasn’t long before the pub was closed again, only to re-open under new management – this has been a pattern for the last several years [March 2019].

Past Proprietors:

George Lakin (Post Office Directory of Birmingham with Staffordshire & Worcestershire 1849)
John Locker (White’s Directory of Staffordshire 1851)
Samuel Rushton (Kelly’s Post Office Directory of Staffordshire 1860 and Directory and Gazetteer of Staffordshire with Dudley, Harrison & Harrod 1861)
Elizabeth Rushton (1868 Post Office Directory and Leek Times 1874)
Arthur Wright (1876 Staffordshire Sentinel, Kelly’s Directory of Staffordshire 1880, 1881 Census and 1883 Cheadle Herald Article)
Thomas Plant (Kelly’s Directory of Staffordshire 1884)
Charles Henry Payne [from 1884] (Cheadle Herald 1884 and 1886)
John Poultney (Kelly’s Directory of Staffordshire 1892 and 1896)
William Tipper (Kelly’s Directory of Staffordshire 1900)
William Swinson (1901 Census and Kelly’s Directory of Staffordshire 1904)
Annice Swinson (c.1910 Information and Kelly’s Directory of Staffordshire 1912)
John W. Levitt (Cheadle and Tean Times 1914) [Until April 1914]
George Walter Lees (Kelly’s Directory of Staffordshire 1921, 1924, 1932 and 1940)
Thomas Godbehere (Cheadle Post and Times 1959)
D.F. Wilson (Cheadle Post and Times 1962) [until September 1962]
A.D. Fisher [from September 1962] (Cheadle Post and Times 1962)



6 Responses to The Alton Castle

  1. tracy bowen says:

    my grandparents used to run this pub in the 60s and 70s there name were charles carnwell and gladys carnwell just wondered if you had any photos or information on the pub at this time .thanks

  2. jeanne poyser says:


    I believe my gtx4 g’father Samuel Rushton ran this pub in the 1850’s. Do you have any info on him please? Also the Alcocks of the Black Horse who I think are linked.
    Many thanks

  3. Shaun says:

    hi, there I am shaun the new manager/landlord of the alton castle and I am looking for a bit of history other than what you may have and if i can find some old prints or photos that I could hang up in here would be brilliant. if you can help please email me back or contact me on [deleted] thank you, shaun

  4. Sylvia Brunt nee Williams says:

    Hi Mike. How many people can remember Arthur & Lily Williams managing the Castle 1962-1964, he had to leave in 1964 owing to having cancer,but he took a pub in Whiston,The Sneyd Arms,thought it would be a bit less work,but it got so busy he waspacked out on a regular basis. I can remember the customers from the Castle hiring a 45 seater coach and all coming up to Whiston for a night out.Happy days.

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