Union Inn

The earliest mention of a pub by this name is in late November 1837 when the Union Inn was listed for sale, it’s features listed were “Dwelling-House and well accustomed Inn, ground floor, with five chambers over, and a stable and other suitable conveniences, and a quantity of building land contiguous to the house. ”

In a letter written in 1908 to the Cheadle Herald there is a letter written by an old resident of Cheadle who talks about an Inn called the Union that was near the bottom of Cross Street “on the Charles Street side”, in reference to the land that the Earl of Shrewsbury brought on which the Pugin designed Catholic church was built upon (St. Giles).

Indeed in a letter written by Pugin to the Earl in March 1841 during the construction of the Church foundations he writes “we should have the beer shop and other houses near the church or they will block off the view from the street. For the beer shop they want £350.”

It is believed that the the premises continued to produce beer as payment for the workers before finally been demolished.

Past Proprietors:
John Tipper
(circa. 1841) [Recalled in a letter to the Cheadle Herald 1908]

2 Responses to Union Inn

  1. Karen Goodley says:

    Hi there, just looking at your website, seen in Cheadle and Tean Times. Its fasinating, we are all looking at it in our office, and all making comments about how good the site is. The history is fasinating, this is so worth while, as we are loosing so many of these pubs and the history behind them. You probably know the Lord Shrewsbury in Alton, is currently closed, I have looked into the history of it last year and it was totally fasinating, there was loads of it. Please extend your work to cover outlining villiages.

  2. dave hall says:

    There is an earlier reference in the Staffordshire Advertiser dated the 4th of February 1815, auctioning the property and other lots after the death of one of my ancestors William Higgs
    There was a second property also on auction which was a house that adjoined the Unicorn that was also owned by William Higgs

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