The Wheatsheaf (2000-Present)

The pub enjoyed many decades of business but it’s doors closed in 2006.

After it’s closure a number of ideas were suggested, the most popular choice by far was the pub chain Whetherspoons buying the building and re-opening it. During this period the Cheadle Heritage Trust surveyed the building to ascertain whether it would be suitable for a town visitor centre.

In 2008 as part of a ‘Cheadle in Bloom’ project, pupils from Cheadle High School painted the boards covering the ground floor windows in an attempt to reduce it’s dilapidated appearance.

Whetherspoons in October 2009 were close to signing a deal with Ace Investments the owners; on the condition that they brought the building up to specification, it is believed this was down the bad condition of the roof which had resulted in damage to the interior.

In September 2010 plans were submitted to Staffordshire Moorlands Council by a company wishing to turn the building into a care home, this proposition was not met with a positive reaction from the public as at the time there was a former care home in the town sitting vacant. The plans were rejected by both the local Cheadle council and the Staffordshire Moorlands District Council.

At the beginning of June 2011, it was announced in the local press that the JD Wetherspoon chain had entered into negotiations with the owners and they had submitted plans to the Staffordshire Moorlands Council. In a meeting held by the Cheadle Town Council on June 20th the proposal was backed by the majority of the councillors present, the plans were passed by the Moorlands Council on July 23rd.

Work began on February 27th, $1.5 million is been invested into the building, originally it was expected to open on June 5th, in early May the opening was postponed until July.

During the refurbishment an old inscription was found above the main doors reading ‘ Neat Post Chaise. Phaeton and Gig with Good Horses.’ a relic from it’s early days of a coaching establishment.

The Wheatsheaf reopened with a small ceremony at 10am on July 3rd, Staffordshire Moorlands Councillor’s Julie Bull and Stephen Ellis were given the honour of declaring it open.  Both had worked hard over the years to get the Wetherspoons chain interested in the town and the Wheatsheaf building.

On Saturday 8th of December a Cheadle Beer and Chocolate Market was held at the pub, a first for the town.