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Gothic Heaven or Gothic Hell

The exhibition is an exploration of the word Gothic concentrating on the good and evil connotations of the word. The Goths were the destroyers of Roman civilisation but they became lost in the mists of time and even their language died out.

The Gothic horror novel like Frankenstein by Mary Shelley was a reaction to the Age of Reason which had little place for the emotional life. An awareness of the irrational in mankind led to a literature of fantasy and fear. Shelley’s Frankenstein is not the monster but the doctor who creates him. Within man is the capacity for heavenly selfless action but also hellish evil deeds. We all have a part in creating heaven or hell here in our society.

Another aspect of gothic is the group of people who call themselves modern Goths. Who are a group who though different are peaceable and should be accepted as a valuable part of a diverse society.

Another aspect of gothic is the magnificent heritage of this country, France, Germany, Spain and a number of other European countries of beautiful Gothic churches from the medieval period.

Finally comes the Gothic Revival which started with AWN Pugin and has led to countless buildings from his Palace of Westminster to the Tribune Building in Chicago. Pugin’s Gem here in Cheadle is one of the world’s finest buildings and is in the top twenty of England’s Thousand Best Churches. It is a heavenly vision of Gothic.

This exhibition will remain on display until the beginning of November.